White Paper: Business Continuity Planning with the Microsoft Data Platform

by Richard Douglas

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Business Continuity Is a Hot Topic 

There hardly seems to be a news cycle that goes by without a serious technology outage reported. So far in 2018, varying levels of downtime have been reported by financial companies such as Chase Bank, TSB Bank, and Visa. These outages have had a huge impact on how companies can, and more importantly can’t, function.

90% of companies without a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan folded after a major disaster

30% of companies surveyed had no DR plan in place

30% of companies with a plan were unprepared to act when disaster struck

45% of all unplanned downtime is the result of hardware failure

35% of unexpected downtime is due to power outages

- Highlights from Invenio IT’s 2017 Disaster Recovery Statistics that Businesses Must Take Seriously report

Richard Douglas, a Principal Solutions Engineer at SentryOne, guides you in planning your Business Continuity processes for use with the Microsoft Data Platform. You'll learn the importance of a Business Impact Analysis (BIA), monitoring for High Availability (HA) and DR, and automating procedures.

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