SSIS in the Cloud: How to Read and Write to the Cloud with Task Factory to Azure Data Factory


Learn how to pull data from and load cloud data sources just like you would with an on-premises data source.

In this session, you’ll see how to use Task Factory to design packages that can robustly exchange data with cloud sources such as AWS, Azure, SalesForce.com, RESTful sources, and many others.

We’ll also cover some best practices on how to do incremental loads from those sources to increase speed and get closer to real-time analytics.

Finally, you can learn how to deploy your packages with Task Factory to Azure Data Factory to run SSIS in the cloud. 

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Brian Knight

Brian Knight

Founder, Pragmatic Works

Brian Knight is the owner and founder of Pragmatic Works and is a serial entrepreneur, starting up other companies throughout his prolific career. Brian is a contributing columnist at several technical magazines and does regular webcasts. He is the author of more than fifteen technical books. Brian has spoken at dozens of conferences like PASS, SQL Connections, and TechEd and many Code Camps. He has received a number of awards from the state, governor, and press, including the Business Ambassador Award (Governor) and Top CEO (Jacksonville Magazine). He is on the board of the region’s Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Corporation.

John Welch

John Welch

VP of Engineering, SentryOne

President of Pragmatic Works Software, John has joined SentryOne as Vice President of Engineering. He is a Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP), and a frequent presenter on SQL Server and data topics.

Philip de la Cal

Philip de la Cal

Technical Marketing Specialist, SentryOne

Philip has been working in technology ever since he figured out how to access Duke Nukem on his father’s old IBM. An avid tinkerer, an enthusiastic instructor, and an extrovert to a fault, he is a proud member of the SentryOne team and enjoys bringing tech to both the technically literate and the technically curious. Currently in Jacksonville, FL, he has also lived in Miami, NYC, Boston, Washington DC, and (briefly) Panama City, Panama. Philip has vacationed on 4 continents (3 to go!) enjoys craft beer, is an avid Marvel fan (#TeamCap), enjoys competitive Starcraft, and looks forward to forging new friendships and partnerships in the technical field.

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