Rapid Analysis of Wait Statistics with SentryOne

Presented by: Andy Yun and Andy Mallon of SentryOne
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As you learned in part one of our SQLskills and SentryOne Partner Series, wait statistics are an important starting point in getting to the bottom of SQL Server performance issues. Paul Randal spoke about seeing past the surface symptoms to accurately identify the root cause of a variety of common problem patterns.

Join me for a continuation of Paul's session, where I will revisit many of his examples and show how SentryOne can help rapidly identify and analyze these issues.

As is often said, knowing is only half the battle. The proper tools can greatly help speed up this investigation so you can spend less time pouring over data and more time correcting the issue at hand. SentryOne makes it easy to decipher your wait stats so that you can understand your performance bottlenecks.


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Andy Mallon

Andy Mallon (@AMtwo) is a member of the SentryOne Product Advisory Council (PAC) and a SentryOne PAC Ambassador to the Microsoft Data Platform community. He is a Data Platform MVP, and SQL Server DBA that has managed databases in the healthcare, finance, e-commerce, and non-profit sectors. He has over 13 years of experience supporting high-volume, highly-available OLTP environments with demanding performance needs. Andy is also co-organizer of SQL Saturday events in Boston, and the founder of the BostonSQL User Group. He blogs at am2.co, and as a guest blogger at SqlPerformance.com.

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Andy Yun

Andy Yun (@SQLBek) is a SentryOne Senior Solutions Engineer and a Microsoft MVP. He has been working with SQL Server for 15 years as both a Database Developer and Administrator. Leveraging knowledge of SQL Server Internals and extensive experience in highly transactional environments, he strives to make T-SQL leaner and meaner. Andy is extremely passionate about passing knowledge onto others, regularly speaking at User Groups, SQL Saturdays, and PASS Summit. Andy is a co-founder of the Chicago SQL Association, co-Chapter Leader of the Chicago Suburban User Group, and part of the Chicago SQL Saturday Organizing Committee.