No Bad Queries!

Why Non-Production Database Tuning Is Essential to Delivering Business-Critical Performance


Rather than focusing the majority of their resources on keeping databases running smoothly in production, organizations could save time and frustration with rigorous monitoring and tuning while databases are in non-production and staging environments. In Azure, poorly performing queries can not only impact the users, they cost the company money.

Getting your database apps running at peak performance starts with well-tuned queries that are optimized long before they're released to production. 

Tune in to "No Bad Queries! Why Non-Production Database Tuning Is Essential to Delivering Business-Critical Performance" for valuable guidelines from data platform experts Ben DeBow and Kevin Kline, including:

  • Guidelines for setting up and implementing non-production database testing and tuning processes, including tools that can evaluate query plans to optimize performance
  • Best practices for releasing databases to production to ensure peak performance
  • Methods for “cloning” a database for easier query tuning
  • Importance of implementing a DevOps approach that empowers the dev team to perform adequate database testing with production-like data, and without compromising data security

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Kevin Kline

Kevin Kline

Principal Program Manager

Kevin (@kekline) is responsible for expanding SentryOne technical sales and marketing initiatives and is also involved in product design activities. He is a founder and former president of PASS and the author of popular IT books including SQL in a Nutshell. Kevin is a renowned database expert, software industry veteran, Microsoft SQL Server MVP, Google Author, and long-time blogger at sqlblog.com and at kevinekline.com.

Ben DeBow

Ben DeBow

Founder and CEO of Fortified Data

Ben DeBow, founder and CEO of Fortified Data, guides the company’s service direction and oversees the Professional Services business unit. He is an experienced consultant who has advised customers of all sizes on their mission-critical applications and SQL Server deployments.  His versatility allows him to assist with everything from virtualization and consolidation to schema design, performance tuning, disk architectures, and everything in between. Ben has designed, deployed and optimized some of the largest and most complex SQL Server solutions in the world for clients like JP Morgan, Allstate, Cayan, Heartland Payment Systems and the Royal Bank of Canada.

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