Investigate TempDB Like Sherlock Holmes 


The system database TempDB has often been called a dumping ground, even the public toilet of SQL Server (there has to be a joke about spills in there somewhere).

In this session, you will learn how to spot criminal activities occurring deep in the depths of SQL Server, which ultimately cause performance issues.

Download and watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Identify and resolve issues impacting multiple users across an instance
  • Architect TempDB for improved performance
  • Efficiently create code for TempDB
  • Effectively use space within TempDB
  • Diagnose bottleneck sources using queries and counters

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Richard Douglas

Richard Douglas

Principal Solutions Engineer

Rich (@SQLRich) is a Principal Solutions Engineer at SentryOne, specializing in our SQL Server portfolio offering in EMEA. He has worked with SQL Server since version 7.0 in various developer and DBA roles and holds a number of Microsoft certifications. Richard is a keen member of the SQL Server community; previously he ran a PASS Chapter in the UK and served on the organizing committee for SQL Relay.

Josh Kinney

Josh Kinney

Business Development Rep

Josh celebrated his third year at SentryOne this past May. He is a graduate of UNC Charlotte where he studied Finance and Management Information Systems. Josh loves technology and has a passion for problem solving. He has been integral in determining solutions for SentryOne's many international customers. When not on the job, he is an avid mountain biker and rock climber.

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