A Case for Data Dictionary: 

Why our Salesforce Migration was Hard and how SentryOne Document/SolarWinds Database Mapper Makes it Easy



Length: 1 hour

It’s no secret that SentryOne was recently acquired by SolarWinds. What you probably don’t know is how many people and how much effort went into migrating our ticketing system in the SentryOne Salesforce tenant to the SolarWinds Salesforce tenant.

That’s right, going from Salesforce to Salesforce was still hard. Why? Because we had tons of custom data fields, and they had never been cataloged with a data dictionary. SentryOne Document talks to Salesforce, and we can now use our own solution to make sure any future migration won’t catch us off guard.

In this talk, Jason and Jon will take everyone through the scenario, introduce some of the players and their perspective, and demonstrate defining a data dictionary, cataloging, and tagging Salesforce objects in SentryOne Document.


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