Webinar: How to Conduct a Transact SQL Code Review


Length: 1 hour

Modern database administrators have many responsibilities, including perhaps their most important responsibility of performance tuning. Performance tuning takes many forms. It might include tuning server settings, improving database designs, or even extensively tuning queries and query code. This becomes even more important when database workloads moved to the cloud because poor performance increases consumption of resources like CPU, memory, and IOPS.

In this session, we will teach you how to conduct a Transact-SQL code review that avoids a variety of very common anti-patterns that are frequently used by junior developers who don’t know much about SQL Server. We will also share a collection of scripted checks to run against your SQL Server / Azure SQL database to reveal issues lurking within your application’s stored procedures, user-defined functions, and triggers. The design review is scripted and does not require that the developers explain their code to you. A portion of the scripted checks are best when run against a database at rest. But other scripts within the library are best run in an active database to see if the workloads exposes any anti-patterns are in flight.

Join us to learn theses tips and techniques that improve not only your personal skillset and that of the teams you support, but also have the potential to vastly improve your SQL Server and Azure SQL database performance.


Prerequisites: Basic proficiency with core SQL statements, like CREATE, ALTER, DROP, GRANT, SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE


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Kevin Kline

Kevin Kline

Head Geek

Kline is a noted database expert and software industry veteran. At previous companies, his product designs won multiple "Best of" and "Readers' Choice" awards.

Kline was a founding board member and former president of the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS), is an avid blogger and database columnist, author of the best-selling book, SQL in a Nutshell, and co-author of SQL Server 2012 Management and Administration, Professional SQL Server 2008 Database Design and Optimization, and Database Benchmarking: Practical Methods for Oracle & SQL Server. He is a frequent webinar host and speaker at various industry conferences and user groups and has traveled the world as part of his multi-continent roadshows.

A Microsoft SQL Server MVP since 2003, Kline is passionate about improving the quality of life for Microsoft database professionals and their customers. As a SolarWinds Head Geek, he focuses on helping customers with troubleshooting and adopting best practices for optimal database performance monitoring, on-premises and in the cloud.

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