Using a Cloud Solution to Monitor Database Performance: Introducing SentryOne Monitor


As a data pro managing a constantly evolving technology environment, are you deploying and using more cloud solutions now than ever? As the adoption of cloud technology accelerates across many organizations, technology managers have seen some of the benefits first-hand, including increased accessibility, easier management, and simplified licensing scenarios.

SentryOne has introduced a new cloud solution that packs powerful database monitoring into an easy-to-access, easy-to-manage solution. In this webinar, you’ll hear about why SentryOne is moving to the cloud and how SentryOne Monitor will enable us to help even more users get insight into database performance. This is a sneak peek behind the scenes at how a new SentryOne product comes to life.

If you’re responsible for the care and feeding of one or more databases, you’ll also get a close look at:

  • How SentryOne Monitor works in your environment
  • What you can do with SentryOne Monitor today and our future plans
  • How SentryOne Monitor makes it easy to get better database visibility without a lot of time and effort
  • How to determine whether SentryOne Monitor is right for your environment

We’ll keep the slides short and sweet and provide a demo to show how SQL Server novices and experts alike can get up and running with SentryOne Monitor.


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Beth Linker

Beth Linker

Director of Product Management, SentryOne

As Director of Product Management, Beth Linker leads the development of SentryOne Cloud products including SentryOne Monitor. Beth has over 15 years of experience creating and enhancing products and services for IT users. They have led product teams responsible for SaaS solutions and cloud platforms at leading technology companies including Dell and Acquia.

Justin Randall

Justin Randall

Professional Services Organization Leader, SentryOne

Justin leads the Professional Services Organization with the perspective of nearly 30 years of IT experience. Professional Services provides customers with mentoring, consulting and training services focused on configuring and tuning SentryOne software, and SQL Server performance troubleshooting and optimization. Justin's blog focuses on helping our users become highly valued DBAs who use our software to prevent and solve real-world SQL Server problems while making positive contributions to their organization's success.

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