Your enterprise databases and servers can require a lot of performance reserves, and those demands are often unpredictable. Tintri’s autonomous storage can guarantee their performance by assigning every database or server VM its own lane, troubleshooting issues across your entire infrastructure and scaling with application growth by predicting storage needs. By combining the full-stack analytics of Tintri and the granular visibility of SentryOne, customers gain an end-toend view of performance across the entire application stack and the underlying virtual infrastructure. The result: DevOps agility for DBAs and application owners.

With SentryOne + Tintri, you'll get:

  • Stunning visuals show key performance differences between Tintri and traditional storage
  • Full VMware and Hyper-V awareness and support
  • Easily correlate key metrics for virtualization, Windows, and SQL Server
  • Add Database and Application context for Tintri users
  • Integrates directly with Tintri storage from patented SentryOne disk UI
  • See performance differential of SQL Server, Windows, Hyper-V, and Tintri storage layers over time for efficient Root Cause Analysis

SentryOne + Tintri case in point: audience intelligence platform Quaero uses the Tintri storage platform and SentryOne. The Tintri management interface lets Quaero drill down and see mappings of VMs and I/O. SentryOne provides a graphical view of database query performance. 

“Tintri is a hands-off appliance that has cut our load times in half. And SentryOne gives me a graphical, visual way to see query performance over time, so I can track trends.”

Dave Turpin, Quaero Infrastructure Manager


 Tintri Disk Activity Cropped to Tool Tip.jpg

Virtual datastore disk activity in SentryOne dashboard

Tintri charts.png

Tintri performance charts in SentryOne dashboard