Optimizing SSAS Tabular Performance

Author: Andy Mallon, Microsoft MVP

Since the release of SQL Server 2012, SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) has offered both the Multidimensional and Tabular data models. With the introduction of SSAS 2017, SSAS Tabular is now the default option on new installations. 

BI Sentry from SentryOne provides industry-leading performance analysis for all SSAS instances, for both Multidimensional and Tabular data models. BI Sentry offers unique insight into VertiPaq memory usage and other key metrics for monitoring your SSAS Tabular instance. 

This Tech Brief will explain how SentryOne:

Has been updated to include VertiPaq memory limits and VertiPaq paging policy metrics on the dashboard

Uses the Top Commands view to help identify bottlenecks for both MDX and DAX queries. 

Displays object-level details of memory usage, and tracks memory usage over time. 

Can use Advisory Conditions to set triggering actions based on nearly any given condition.

Provides a faster answer to "What else was going on at the time?" by organizing events in an easy-to-read calendar view. 

To ensure uninterrupted delivery of your company's mission-critical data, BI Sentry equips you with the tools you need to uncover performance killers. Learn how by downloading the Tech Brief.  

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