Accelerate SQL Server Data for Tableau Users


Speed delivery of your Tableau data

Tableau users need continuous access to their data. When data delivery is slow or non-existent, business operations come to a halt.

SentryOne helps DBAs, BI pros, and IT managers ensure peak performance of the underlying SQL Server, Azure SQL DB, or other Microsoft Data Platform databases. We help data teams monitor, diagnose, and optimize databases to ensure continuous delivery of mission-critical data. 

  • View overall database health in an intuitive dashboard that provides essential information so you can prevent slow data delivery
  • Customize notifications so you can proactively manage database performance
  • Drill into details, including high-impact SQL Server queries, to save troubleshooting time





View database health in Tableau format

The Tableau Report Pack for SentryOne Monitoring empowers data managers to view and analyze SQL Server monitoring data with the industry-leading Tableau analytics platform. DBAs and IT managers can now view and share database performance insights in graphically compelling Tableau formats.

  • View, analyze, and share database health in compelling Tableau format
  • Run reports from Tableau Desktop or Tableau Server
  • Analyze high-impact queries and other factors that can degrade database performance
  • Help data users and leaders understand the impact of database performance bottlenecks on business operations

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Simplify documentation, data lineage analysis, and compliance for your Tableau data


DOC xPress

Document Tableau Server environments and track data lineage from SQL Server, SSAS, and Azure SQL Database sources to Tableau reports

BI xPress

Compare your Tableau reports and data on the Tableau Server to look for differences and manage changes

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Validate the deployment of Tableau reports, ensuring confidence in the quality of business-critical data

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