How to Predict Your Future Storage Needs


Have you ever been caught off guard by insufficient data storage space?

If so, you likely remember the unpleasant results, which probably included server downtime, business interruptions, and frustrated users—and leaders.

Accurately predicting future storage needs is one of the biggest challenges faced by DBAs or IT managers.

In this session, Steve Wright introduces SentryOne Storage Forecasting, which applies advanced analytics and machine learning technology to produce daily storage usage forecasts for all logical disks on your Windows servers.

What you'll learn:

  • Insights on common methods for managing storage and how they fall short
  • How Storage Forecasting is integrated into the SentryOne Client, reports, and alerting functionality
  • An overview of the forecast modes available based on various environmental requirements
  • The logic involved with each forecast mode
  • An understanding of how Storage Forecasting provides intelligent predictions about your storage capacity

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Steve Wright

Steve Wright

Director, Advanced Analytics

Steve (@SQL_Steve) directs the advanced analytics initiatives at SentryOne. Among his certifications, he holds the Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Data Science. Steve shares tips and tidbits picked up over years of providing support and training to our customers. His blog often provides a common sense explanation of the in-depth information the SentryOne platform can provide, as well as some tips for further enhancing the vast feature set already provided out of the box.

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