Simplify Your Journey to the Cloud

SentryOne streamlines SQL Server cloud migrations on AWS or Azure

Lifting and Shifting Databases to the Cloud Can be Slow and Painful

Organizations moving from on-premises SQL Server to hosted cloud services or hybrid cloud environments face numerous challenges, including:

  • Significant costs in time and resources to re-architect databases for the cloud.
  • Difficulties ensuring data integrity during the migration process, which can affect companies’ ability to manage business rules and compliance.
  • Inability to manage database performance during the transition, which can result in business slowdowns and lost revenue.

SentryOne Ensures Fast Performance Before and After a Cloud Transition


From data testing and validation through monitoring and optimizing performance of cloud-based databases, SentryOne has a full suite of capabilities that can simplify your journey to the cloud.


Strategic Technology Partnerships

SentryOne works closely with the engineering teams at both Microsoft and Amazon Web Services to support monitoring and optimizing SQL Server on hybrid and hosted cloud services, including:

  • A marketplace image on Amazon Web Services, with support for both Amazon RDS for SQL Server and Amazon EC2.
  • A marketplace image on Microsoft Azure, with support for both Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Data Warehouse.
  • Support for monitoring Azure SQL Database Managed Instance, a deployment model of Azure SQL Database released by Microsoft that provides near 100 percent compatibility with on-premises SQL Server.
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How SentryOne Helps You Move to the Cloud:

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Performance Monitoring

Monitor, diagnose, and optimize database performance before and after migration to a hybrid or hosted cloud environment with the SentryOne Monitoring platform, which provides proven scalability (to 800+ targets currently) and the deepest level of actionable metrics in the industry.


Data Testing and Validation

Ensure the integrity of your data throughout the migration process with SentryOne Test, a SaaS-based automated testing framework, simplifies data testing and validation. You can use SentryOne Test to conduct actionable tests, schedule test runs, and view test metrics in a dashboard throughout the data lifecycle—application development, ETL processes, Master Data Management (MDM), and production database validation.

Data Lineage Analysis

Understanding the origin of your data and how it’s being used is a critical component of a successful cloud migration. SentryOne Document helps you trace the source of data within a system, in visual or text mode views. You can also use SentryOne Document to evaluate the impact of changes to the environment and explore dependencies among objects.

Database Documentation

Throughout the cloud migration process, you can use SentryOne Document to produce customizable documentation in various formats. You can also take a metadata snapshot of every property and store the intelligence in a shared database for your team.

Data Schema Comparison

Gain a better understanding of your database system architecture before and after cloud migration with SentryOne DBA xPress, which you can use to view differences between databases, synchronize schemas, and view schema dependencies.

Data Package Monitoring and Auditing

Ensure that your SSIS packages run as expected during database migrations with SentryOne BI xPress, which provides detailed reporting, so you can view package performance. You can also use BI xPress to generate test data.

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Move to the Cloud with Confidence

As a longtime partner of both AWS and Microsoft, SentryOne has developed proven solutions to help you shift your business-critical databases from on-premises to hybrid or multi-cloud environments—while maintaining data integrity and ensuring fast performance.

From data testing and validation to optimizing cloud-based workloads for peak performance, SentryOne provides the solutions to make your journey to the cloud both fast and accurate.

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