Simplify Data Documentation and Lineage


Do you know where your data comes from, how it’s used, and how changes influence your database environment? If your databases are poorly documented or you don't have a clear understanding of data lineage, you run the risk of revenue loss, increased development, regulatory compliance issues, and slow problem resolution. Join John Welch, Jonathan Moore, and Philip de la Cal as they discuss:

  • Why your business should care about documentation, especially in light of the latest data privacy regulations
  • The importance of understanding data dependencies across your database environment, including dependencies among database objects
  • Understanding how data changes would impact data and objects up and down stream
  • Sharing the knowledge with a data dictionary   

In addition, they will demonstrate how SentryOne DOC xPress simplifies the data documentation and data lineage process.

Ensure all the key information about your database environment is known and accessible to everyone in your company. Attend this webinar to gain a clear understanding of the importance of efficiently documenting your databases, tracking and analyzing data dependencies, and understanding the impact of data changes.


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John Welch

John Welch

Senior Vice President of Product Engineering, SentryOne

John leads the development of a suite of data and BI products that make developing, testing, managing, and documenting data solutions faster and more efficient. John has been working with data, business intelligence, and data warehousing technologies since 2001. He was awarded as a Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) 2009 - 2016 due to his commitment to sharing his knowledge with the IT community and is an SSAS Maestro. John is an experienced speaker, having given presentations at Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) conferences, the Microsoft Business Intelligence conference, Software Development West (SD West), Software Management Conference (ASM/SM), SQLBits, and others. He has also contributed to multiple books on SQL Server and business intelligence.

Jonathan Moore

Jonathan Moore

Senior Technical Specialist, SentryOne

As a Senior Technical Specialist for SentryOne, Jonathan assists with a variety of projects and services. Some of these include product demonstrations, creating and assisting with content such as webinars and documentation, testing software builds and directly supporting customers with configuration of the software. His technical skill set is primarily focused on the Microsoft SQL Server platform - SQL Server database (including Azure), Integration Services, Reporting Services and Analysis Services.

Philip de la Cal

Philip de la Cal

Technical Marketing, SentryOne

Philip has been "working" in technology ever since he figured out how to access Duke Nukem on his father’s old IBM. An avid tinkerer, an enthusiastic instructor, and an extrovert to a fault, he enjoys being a part of such a talented and diverse team at SentryOne, and relishes the chance to bring tech to both the technically literate and the technically curious.

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