Enhanced Platform Installer
Do you have large—or growing—SQL Server and Azure data environments? If so, you could be saving time and resources by automating software updates using SentryOne Enhanced Platform Installer. 

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Consolidating Your SQL Server Environment On-premises
In Part 1 of our database consolidation webinar series, join Kevin Kline and Mike Walsh to advance your skills in managing an unruly and growing environment. By understanding the major considerations when planning an on-premises consolidation project, you'll enjoy a faster and more productive consolidation of your environment with less hardware to manage and fewer licensing requirements.

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Plan Explorer Extension for ADS
View Enhanced Execution Plan Diagrams in ADS
Want an easier way to tune SQL Server queries in Azure Data Studio (ADS)? With the SentryOne Plan Explorer extension for ADS (currently in preview), you can quickly spot the most expensive operators, toggle between actual and estimated plans, view operator costs by CPU or I/O, analyze runtime metrics like CPU and duration, and control the execution plan display with context menus.

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Consolidating Your SQL Server Environment to AWS and Azure
In Part 2 of this database consolidation webinar series, we'll share what you need to know for consolidating SQL Server environments from on-premises into either the Amazon or Microsoft cloud. Learn about licensing costs and alternatives, partial cloud implementations, and practical tips and tricks for conducting the consolidation.

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Task Factory Modules
Data professionals know and love Task Factory for its set of 75+ high-performance SSIS components. But what if you have just one SSIS connection task to tackle? We’ve got you covered—you can now choose from 13 Task Factory modules that help you address specific SSIS tasks and data sources.

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Intro to Power BI Webinar
Join Brian Knight and Jon Moore as they walk you through creating your first Power BI report and show you how to create an amazing data storytelling system using tooltips and drill-throughs. You’ll also see how to tame the wild-wild-west of Power BI with DOC xPress lineage.   

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Straight Path Case Study
Straight Path Solutions, which manages hundreds of SQL Servers for its customers, uses SentryOne SQL Sentry, V Sentry, and Plan Explorer to pinpoint problematic code and provide customers considerable savings. Thanks to SentryOne, the company can quickly identify database performance problems, right-size environments, and earn customers’ trust.

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SentryOne On-Demand Webinars
SQL Sentry Demo