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SentryOne 2018: The Year in Review

Can't believe it's already the end of the year? We feel the same. For the SentryOne team, 2018 has burned hot and fast, with significant growth and change in a relatively short period of time. In his latest blog post, SentryOne Chief Strategy Officer Douglas McDowell reflects on how SentryOne has evolved in 2018. Read More

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Prevent Performance Problems Now to Enjoy an Uninterrupted Holiday
The Top 7 Things Every DBA Should Do Before They Go on Holiday
Want to take time off without worrying about having issues crop up while you're gone? Microsoft MVP Kevin Kline walks you through the steps you can take to reduce the number of common and easily fixed problems that could interrupt your time out of the office. 
Top 7 Things Every DBA Should Do Before They Go On Holiday
Data Performance Challenges to Avoid
Webinar: Data Performance Challenges to Avoid

Thought you were adhering to best practices, but still encountering performance problems? Join SentryOne Principal Solutions Engineer Richard Douglas as he provides a deeper understanding of common database development and administration mistakes and shares simple but effective tricks you can use to better design your database objects and write optimized code.

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SentryOne Support Community
Getting Started in the SentryOne Support Community

Did you know that SentryOne offers a robust support community? Find out how you can get the most out of your SentryOne Support Community experience and the new process for submitting support cases.

SentryOne Support Community
Business Continuity Planning
White Paper: Avoid Unplanned Downtime with a Business Continuity Plan
Could your business survive a serious technology outage? Don’t be caught off-guard—Principal Solutions Engineer Richard Douglas provides guidance on how to develop Business Continuity processes that ensure the Maximum Tolerable Period of Disruption isn't exceeded in the event of disaster.
Read the White Paper: Business Continuity Planning
SentryOne Certified Training
Take Your SentryOne Knowledge to the Next Level
Utilize our free, on-demand SentryOne Certified Training videos to learn about all of the features available to you within the SentryOne Data Performance Management platform—take a full course or view sessions individually based on your needs.
SentryOne Certified Training
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