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this trial includes all the tools in our SentryOne Monitoring Platform, including SQL Sentry, BI Sentry, Win Sentry, and more*.


*This all-in-one free trial includes:

SQL Sentry (SQL Server), BI Sentry (SSAS), DB Sentry (Azure), APS Sentry (Microsoft Analytics Platform System), V Sentry (VMware), Win Sentry (IIS, SSRS, SSIS), DW Sentry (Azure SQL Data Warehouse)

"I don't think the DocuSign team could have delivered on our performance promise for the past 5 years without SentryOne."

— Shawn McMillian, DocuSign

"Unless you really don't care about performance and reliability, I can't imagine a SQL environment which would not benefit from SQL Sentry."

— Dennis Squires, Nicolet College

"Using SentryOne we quickly found a bottle-neck and took server waits from 1,000s to low 100 in with about one hour of work. Use SentryOne and get to spend more time at the beach."

— Steve Lomicka, DocuPhase