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Why Customers Choose SentryOne

Global companies with the highest performance demands choose SentryOne for cloud and hybrid DevOps and Data Performance Monitoring.


Proven Scalability

Move +800 targets with no data loss

Predict future storage needs

Best Azure & AWS database monitoring

Streamlined DevOps

High-performance SSIS components

Document any Microsoft data stack feature

Analyze data lineage and dependencies

Unrivaled Customer Support

94% customer retention rate

100% customer satisfaction for support

Highest TrustRadius ratings (9.4/10.0)

Companies with the highest demands for database performance choose SentryOne

Case Studies



The data team at the fourth-largest craft brewery in the U.S. implemented SentryOne V Sentry to find and fix problems with their VMware environment that were dragging down SQL Server database performance.  

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After struggling with gaps in performance monitoring information data, Subway switched to SentryOne SQL Sentry to address problems with their online ordering system, reducing troubleshooting time by about 92 percent. 

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The Republic Bank data team used SentryOne products to close gaps in monitoring data and now proactively manages a data estate of 1,500 SQL Server databases across 100 servers with a four-DBA team.

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SQL Sentry adds real value for SQL Managed Service providers

We use SQL Sentry to provide an agreeable set of monitoring metrics and results which we use as part of our consulting toolset for MS SQL server. It also forms the basis of our alerting and monitoring framework that we deploy for our clients.
Adrian Sullivan
Senior SQL Engineer

Stop banging your head against the wall and get the tools to blow through it! Get Task Factory!

We saved a lot of time by storing our maintained lists in Sharepoint now that Task Factory allows such easy access to the data. We're just starting to scratch the surface of some of the other tools to allow us to be more productive and efficient.
Matt Cushing
Business Intelligence Developer

SQL Sentry Review

SQL Sentry is being used to monitor SQL Server performance across our entire organization, providing trending, alerting, and helping us solve the 'death by a thousand cuts' types of issues that are more of a challenge to pinpoint.
Lars Rasmussen
Senior Database Administrator

SQL Sentry is a Great Product

We use SQL Sentry to monitor our production ERP databases. It allows easy tuning checkup, configurable emails to alert you to conditions that require attention, and offers insights into SQL that are difficult and time consuming to duplicate with SQL Management Studio.
Dennis Squires
Systems Administrator/DBA/ERP Specialist

SentryOne Brief Review

We have been using SQL Sentry exclusively in our database department. Occasionally our technical leads join our analysis and troubleshooting sessions. We run screen shares in those sessions to solve application performance related issues. We have used SQL Sentry analyzing and researching long running SQL queries and deadlock issues, which have become major bottlenecks in our application development processes.
Jun Tang
Database Administrator

SQL Sentry is the best performance monitoring tool on the market!!!

SQL Sentry is used currently on our live platform to mange SQL performance which makes debugging issues much easier. We are looking to also implement this into our test environments so we can see the effect caused by releases at a more granular level.
Nick Buckley
Manager of Data Services

SQL Sentry provides Insight to SQL Server

We use SQL Sentry to monitor our production database servers. We use it mainly for performance tuning for our environments. We also use it to analyse expensive queries, blockages, deadlock and so on. Then from the analysis, we apply optimizations accordingly.
Jian Fu
Applications and BI Specialist

SQL Sentry Business Use Case

We use SQL Sentry Performance Advisor for real time monitoring of our production systems. It has been extremely useful at providing an at-a-glance summary of current and historical activity. Additionally, the report feature has been invaluable to us for monitoring metrics over time. Performance Advisor has been instrumental in identifying non-SQL related waits that are impacting SQL performance.
Charles Hitchcock
Production Support DBA

DBA LifeSaver - SQL Sentry

Our DBA team uses SQL Sentry to monitor and troubleshoot all of our production SQL Server instances. This includes alerting on long running queries, when performance thresholds are met and exceeded, and the monitoring of SQL Agent Jobs.
David Allshouse
Systems Engineer

I highly recommend Performance Advisor if you manage MSSQL

We use Performance Advisor to monitor our database servers. We use this tool within the IT department to pinpoint pressure points, search for expensive queries, and for capacity planning of our databases. From a business perspective, this tool helps us to address performance problems introduced by new code and plan for new infrastructure.