GDPR: Is your data ready?

Presented by: Rushabh Mehta, SolidQ | Douglas McDowell, SentryOnePhilip de la Cal, SentryOne

Do you know about GDPR? You probably already knew that it is Europe’s General Data Privacy Regulation and it goes into effect 25 May 2018. But what about PII, SAR, RTBF, DPIA, PIA*...? Holy acronym, Batman! If you are feeling a little behind or uninformed about the GDPR, or even if you have a plan—but might be doing it the hard way—please watch the recording.

We will cover:

  • Overview of the GDPR
  • What SentryOne did to be GDPR ready
  • Understanding your data considerations
  • A look at robust documentation and data testing tools to help you comply
  • Help from S1 partner SolidQ: GDPR Assessment and Gap Analysis

*Personally Identifiable Information, Subject Access Request, Right To Be Forgotten, Data Protection Impact Assessment, Privacy Impact Assessment

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Douglas McDowell

Douglas McDowell

SentryOne, Chief Strategy Officer

Douglas McDowell's primary focus is to advise the Sentry One leadership team and Board of Directors in planning, research, business strategy and analytics to ensure alignment with our largest partners, including Microsoft. 

Rushabh Mehta

Rushabh Mehta

SolidQ, Principal Architect

Rushabh is a Principal Architect at SolidQ and the Founder/CEO of Matchbook Services. With over 20 years of experience in the data management, mastering and analytics space, Rushabh has developed a keen understanding of the role of good data management strategies and their impact to an organization.

Philip de la Cal

Philip de la Cal

SentryOne, Solutions Engineer

Philip has been "working" in technology ever since he figured out how to access Duke Nukem on his father’s old IBM. An avid tinkerer, an enthusiastic instructor, and an extrovert to a fault, he is excited to join the SentryOne team and to bring tech to both the technically literate and the technically curious. Currently in Jacksonville, FL he has also lived in Miami, NYC, Boston, Washington DC, and (briefly) Panama City, Panama.

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