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Predict Future Storage Needs with SentryOne Storage Forecasting

SentryOne 18.5 is now available and includes SentryOne Storage Forecasting. “Storage Forecasting uses machine learning to analyze workloads, fine-tune disk capacity forecasts, and provide intelligent reporting that can help prevent system downtime,” said Steven Wright, SentryOne Director of Advanced Analytics. 

With Storage Forecasting, you can proactively address the problem of insufficient disk storage space to prevent business interruptions and keep database systems running at peak performance. "For the data professional, this means better storage decisions with less effort," said Greg Gonzalez, SentryOne founder and CTO. 

For more information, see "Introducing Storage Forecasting with SQL Server Machine Learning Services" and "Storage Forecasting and Machine Learning with SentryOne."

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Considerations for Migrating Databases to the Cloud
Prep for a Successful Migration to the Cloud

Using cloud technologies isn't risky if the migration and implementation process is properly managed. SentryOne Product Manager John Martin covers common pitfalls to avoid when migrating databases to the cloud.

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SentryOne Webinars
Upcoming SentryOne Webinars

We get it—it can be difficult to get away for in-person training events.  Check out the upcoming webinars you can enjoy without leaving your desk, presented by our team of database experts:

November 14: Top 7 Things a DBA Needs to Know

November 15: Data Lineage and Documentation: How Changes Affect Your Environment

November 15: Partner Webinar—Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

November 27: How to Make Data-Centric Apps Run Faster: From Development Through Production

Upcoming Webinars
Compare and Synchronize Data and Schema
Compare and Synchronize Data and Schema

Consolidating and cleaning up your databases before the end of the year? See how SentryOne DBA xPress can help you compare and synchronize data and schema between databases. Try DBA xPress now with a free 14-day trial!

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LegiTest Case Study
Case Study: Streamline DevOps Processes with SentryOne LegiTest

Data testing is an understandable priority for the SentryOne Software Development Engineering team. The challenge was to find a product that could effectively meet a wide range of data validation and business logic testing needs in a DevOps environment. After implementing SentryOne LegiTest, the team is now saving more than 500 hours per month over manual testing.

LegiTest Case Study
Why Your Data Type Choices Matter
White Paper: Why Your Data Type Choices Matter
Did you know that poor data type choices can have a significant impact on your database design and performance? SentryOne Senior Solutions Engineer Andy Yun shows how you can improve database performance by understanding the data types supported by SQL Server and the implications of choosing different ones.
Data Types