SentryOne Test
Do you have confidence in your business data? Or do you suspect that your company is making decisions based on inaccurate, outdated information? We can help. SentryOne Test is a cloud-based automated test framework that helps you test and validate data from disparate sources across the entire data lifecycle—from development through production.

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Top 10 SQL Server Mistakes Webinar
SQL Server DBAs, even those who have years of experience with relational databases, can end up making the same mistakes repeatedly. Wouldn’t you like to learn about those mistakes so that you can sidestep them? In this webinar, Kevin Kline counts down the 10 most common SQL Server mistakes DBAs make and provides recommendations about how to avoid these issues.

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SentryOne CloudLifter
Are you eager to experience the benefits of deploying databases to the cloud, but hesitant about potential disruptions in data delivery? Ensure a successful cloud migration with SentryOne CloudLifter, which includes four SentryOne solutions that give you all the elements of a smooth transition, whether you're moving to AWS or Azure.

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5 Critical Cloud Migration Considerations
Migrating an on-premises SQL Server workload to the cloud can be a daunting project that consists of many complicated steps. In this webinar, Microsoft MVP and SentryOne Principal Program Manager Kevin Kline will walk you through the critical considerations you must take into account before and during your cloud database migration, whether you use Microsoft Azure, Amazon, or another cloud provider.

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Tableau Software Case Study
Tableau Software team members were sifting through thousands of emails documenting performance problems with SQL Server data. That data was being replicated to a series of clustered reporting servers being constantly hit with ad-hoc queries. Learn how SentryOne performance monitoring and intelligent alerting capabilities gave Tableau a 90% reduction in time spent responding to database alerts, without adding performance overhead.

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