What You Need to Know About Migrating to Amazon RDS for SQL Server


Are you exploring moving SQL Server workloads to Amazon RDS for SQL Server?

Don't miss this discussion about how to get maximum benefits from your Amazon RDS deployment, from planning a successful migration to ensuring fast performance.

Join Tom Staab, Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services, Douglas McDowell, SentryOne Chief Strategy Officer, and Andy Yun, SentryOne Senior Solutions Engineer, in this session on real-world considerations for an Amazon RDS implementation, including:

  • Benefits of using Amazon RDS for SQL Server and ideal use cases: Why SQL Server on Amazon RDS?
  • Guidelines for planning your migration
  • What CloudWatch doesn’t show you: How SentryOne extends the value of your Amazon RDS implementation
  • Demo: Amazon RDS and SentryOne in action

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Tom Staab

Tom Staab

Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
Douglas McDowell

Douglas McDowell

Chief Strategy Officer, SentryOne
Andy Yun

Andy Yun

Senior Solutions EngineerSentryOne

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