Making Data Valuable: Data Governance for the DBA


Isn’t all data valuable? It depends. 

When organizations are small and simple, IT is often thought of as a means of conducting business. But as companies grow in complexity and sophistication, they begin to realize that their data is a true asset of the organization that, in and of itself, has considerable value and should be managed proactively. At this stage, your data is no longer simply a historic record of your business processes—now it’s your primary means of decision-making, planning, and predictive analytics.

Enter data governance, a set of concepts focused on ensuring that an organization has secure and high-quality data throughout its business lifecycle. 

Join us as Jen Stirrup and Kevin Kline teach:

  • The basics of data governance as it applies to the Microsoft Data Platform and to related concepts such as master data management (MDM) and data stewardship
  • Practical steps you can use to prepare for a data governance project
  • Database documentation, schema and data synchronization, and testing efforts you can undertake to give your organization many of the benefits of data governance without all the work


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Jen Stirrup

Jen Stirrup

Founder, Data Relish Ltd.

Jen Stirrup is the Data Whisperer. Jen is a data strategist and technologist, with over twenty years’ experience in delivering Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence projects worldwide. Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and Microsoft Regional Director.

Jen is the founder of Data Relish Ltd, a boutique Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence consultancy based in the UK. Jen holds expertise in a range of technologies, including Tableau, Power BI, R, database and Azure cloud technologies. Jen has written books on Machine Learning in the cloud as well as analytics and data visualization.

Jen is an advocate of diversity in technology, international public speaker and blogger, published author and keynote speaker. She is a noted influencer, identified as Top 17 Influencers in Big Data and Analytics and one of the 10 Female Influencers You Should Follow. She has been noted as one of the Top 20 women working wonders in AI, Machine Learning, Data Science and Big Data, and, rather humorously, Top ‘Badass’ Women working in Data.

Kevin Kline

Kevin Kline

Principal Program Manager, SentryOne

Kevin (@kekline) serves as Principal Program Manager at SentryOne. He is a founder and former president of PASS and the author of popular IT books like SQL in a Nutshell. Kevin is a renowned database expert, software industry veteran, Microsoft SQL Server MVP, Google Author, and long-time blogger at sqlblog.com and at kevinekline.com. As a noted leader in the IT industry, Kevin's blog covers Microsoft SQL Server features and best practices, third-party software, trends in the IT industry, and professional development for IT professionals.

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