Introduction to SSIS


Commonly shortened to SSIS, SQL Server Integration Services is a Microsoft platform for implementing data integration processes into system files and databases. By creating high-performance workflow and data integration solutions, you'll be able to design, implement, and manage complex ETL (extract, transform, load) applications.

Are you just starting out in data administration and development and looking for an introduction to SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)? Join Brian Knight on this introductory-level demonstration as he covers all the basics you’ll need to get started on your journey into SSIS.

Learn the fundamentals of SSIS and the basic terminology, ways to utilize tasks such as data source integration, built-in tasks for loading a data warehouse and data cleansing, and more. Brian will also walk you through creating your first control flow and working on the data flow.

With Brian Knight at the helm, get an introduction to SSIS as you embark on your first steps into data administration and development.


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Brian Knight

Brian Knight

Founder, Pragmatic Works
Brian Knight is the owner and founder of Pragmatic Works and is a member of the SentryOne advisory board. Brian is a contributing columnist at several technical magazines and does regular webcasts. He is the author of more than fifteen technical books. Brian has spoken at dozens of conferences like PASS, SQL Connections, and TechEd and many Code Camps. He has receiveda number ofawards from the state, governor, and press, including the Business Ambassador Award (Governor) and Top CEO (Jacksonville Magazine). He is on the board of the region’s Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Corporation.

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