The Complete Guide to Business Continuity

Are you confident your business can continue to operate during and after unexpected database downtime due to a technology outage?


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Business Continuity is a Hot Topic.

There hardly seems to be a news cycle that goes by without a serious technology outage reported. According to Invenio IT's report, 2017 Disaster Recovery Statistics that Business Must Take Seriously:

30 percent of companies that had a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan were still unprepared to successfully execute the plan when faced with a disaster. 

Download this two-part guide to Business Continuity to get the know-how on how to save your company if you experience unexpected database downtime.

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White Paper: Business Continuity Planning with the Microsoft Data Platform 

Did you know...

  • 90% of companies without a Disaster Recovery plan folded after a major disaster.
  • 30% of companies surveyed had no DR plan in place.
  • 45% of all unplanned downtime is the result of hardware failure.
  • 35% of unexpected downtime is due to power outages.

Richard Douglas, a Principal Solutions Engineer at SentryOne, guides you in planning your Business Continuity processes for use with the Microsoft Data Platform. Learn the importance of a Business Impact Analysis (BIA), monitoring for High Availability (HA) and DR, and automating procedures.


On-Demand Webinar: 10 Steps to Unbreakable Business Continuity

Richard Douglas and Microsoft MVP, Kevin Kline walk you through 10 practical steps to prepare for and successfully recover from a major technology outage including real-world lessons from recent disasters. You'll learn:

  • Processes and technologies that are most effective for keeping your data platform up and running
  • How to gain executive buy-in and involve key business stakeholders in both the planning and monitoring phases of your Business Continuity Plan
  • Considerations you should make to prepare for the holiday season, both to ensure your business stays up and running during the retail rush and to avoid spending the holidays scrambling to address a problem
  • Backup and recovery procedures

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