Eating the Elephant: Cloud Database Migration Considerations


How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

The days of explaining and justifying the cloud have passed. We no longer ask if we are going to the cloud; instead, we now ask when. Aging servers, older versions of SQL Server, new security and performance requirements—never has the demand been so urgent to move to the cloud. But there are a lot of considerations and risks. It can be a daunting task—a bit like eating an elephant—to pick the appropriate path to the cloud for your business and then begin the migration process.

Join SentryOne Chief Strategy Officer Douglas McDowell and SentryOne Solutions Engineer Devon Leann Wilson as they address the options, concerns, and benefits surrounding the many paths to migrating your on-premises and virtualized SQL Server workloads into the cloud. The discussion will cover business drivers as well as prescriptive guidance to get started immediately. Learn more about Azure and AWS capabilities, as well as toolsets and expert skills available to remove risk and accelerate your move to the cloud.

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Douglas McDowell

Douglas McDowell

Chief Strategy Officer, SentryOne

Douglas McDowell is the SentryOne Chief Strategy Officer. His primary focus is to advise the SentryOne leadership team and Board of Directors in planning, research, business strategy and analytics to ensure alignment with our largest partners, including Microsoft.

Devon Leann Wilson

Devon Leann Wilson

Solutions Engineer, SentryOne

Devon is a SQL Developer and PASS community volunteer with 7 years of SQL Server experience. She graduated with a degree in Actuarial Science from the University of Texas at Austin and has since worked on business intelligence projects, data governance, and data quality initiatives in the insurance sector. In her free time, she loves karaoke, Bravo TV, and staring at puppies on Instagram.

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