Help Your Customers Manage Data Compliance 

For SentryOne partners: SentryOne DOC xPress—at 30% off through October 31, 2018

Are your customers worried about data compliance? 

Help customers get control of their data. With data regulation such as GDPR and CASL in effect, your customers have to track data from source to destination and everywhere in between.

 DOC xPress offers complete documentation and metadata analysis for SQL Server databases, SSAS, SSIS, SSRS, and more. With DOC xPress, your customer will be able to track where data has been and who touched it with capabilities including:

  • Data lineage and impact analysis
  • Metadata discovery management
  • Metadata version comparison
  • Documentation

Limited-time offer for partners:  30% off regular pricing through October 31, 2018, on DOC xPress Pro. 


(per user/per machine | more than $500 savings!)


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Learn more about SentryOne DOC xPress 

SentryOne DOC xPress 

Learn more about how DOC xPress helps your customers get control of their data with documentation, lineage impact analysis, documentation management, and more. 

GDPR: Is Your Data Ready?

Get up to speed on new data regulations, including Europe's General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR, that affect your customers' data management practices. 

Data Lineage & Impact Analysis 

Learn how DOC xPress helps your customers understand where their data originated and how it's being used, which is essential to putting adequate data regulatory compliance practices into place.