Database Documentation and Lineage in the Cloud


Want an easier way to automatically generate documentation from multiple data sources? Wish you had a better understanding of the origin of your data—and who's handled that data? 

SentryOne Document—now available for preview—delivers powerful documentation and data lineage analysis capabilities in a cloud solution.  

Join SentryOne Associate Technical Product Manager Tyler Lynch, and Director of Engineering Matt Whitfield in this informational discussion about what’s now available in the latest cloud-based documentation tool, SentryOne Document.  

In this session, you’ll hear about why maintaining up-to-date documentation and ensuring compliance with your business rules and data privacy regulations is crucial in a successful company, and how SentryOne Document can help you achieve that.  

Tyler and Matt will spend time talking about SentryOne Document’s documentation, data lineage, and metadata management (data dictionary) capabilities.  

What you’ll learn:

  • The necessity of a well-documented, compliant data estate. 
  • How to document many different data sources, including SQL Server, SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), Excel, and many more 
  • How to track data lineage with a visual display that clearly shows data dependencies across your environment 
  • How to easily manage documentation tasks and view logs with an easy-to-access cloud solution 


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Matt Whitfield

Matt Whitfield

Director of Software Engineering, SentryOne

Matt is a Director of Software Engineering at SentryOne, owning the development activities for the Data DevOps product portfolio. Having spent the first part of his career working in payment and loyalty systems, working with several high volume databases, Matt developed a passion for tooling around database systems. He took some time to develop the tools that eventually became DBAxPress when they were acquired by Pragmatic Works. After working with Pragmatic Works to build out their database tooling, Matt joined SentryOne where he is excited to have the opportunity to take that tooling to the next level.

Tyler Lynch

Tyler Lynch

Associate Technical Product Manager, SentryOne

Tyler is an Associate Technical Product Manager, assisting in the development and delivery of the SentryOne Data DevOps product portfolio. After working as a software developer for almost two years, he transitioned to Product Management with a desire to be more directly involved with SentryOne customers and to leverage the technical experience he's gained to understand the problems and solutions in the industry better. He is thrilled to be a part of the next generation that is committing to improving the lives of the Microsoft Data Professional.

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