Data Performance Management for Azure SQL DB Managed Instance

SolarWinds SQL Sentry provides the most capable, scalable data performance management for Azure SQL DB Managed Instance.


Need a monitoring solution for Azure SQL DB Managed Instance?


Companies using Azure SQL DB Managed Instance face challenges in optimizing performance as they transition to this hybrid solution:

  • Few options are available for monitoring Managed Instance, which Microsoft introduced as a hybrid solution for companies that need to retain key features of on-premises SQL Server
  • Lack of detailed, actionable information prevents data teams from effectively finding and fixing performance problems

SolarWinds ensures fast performance for Azure SQL DB Managed Instance


The most capable solution for monitoring Azure SQL DB Managed Instance, SentryOne SQL Sentry:

  • Provides unmatched visibility into Azure SQL DB Managed Instance so data teams can use the same monitoring solution for on-premises and Managed Instance targets
  • Displays the most detailed metrics available in the industry so you can quickly find and fix performance problems with Managed Instance databases
  • Includes SentryOne world-class support and training
SQL Sentry provides actionable metrics about Azure SQL Database Managed Instance so you can easily find and fix performance problems.

Industry-leading performance management for Azure SQL DB Managed Instance

SentryOne gives you detailed information about Azure SQL DB Managed Instance performance so you can find and fix problems:

  • Ensures monitoring continuity as you transition on-premises workloads to Managed Instance as a final destination or as an interim step to a full Azure implementation
  • Displays key SQL Server engine metrics, including wait stats, database file I/O, and memory utilization
  • Provides complete Top SQL stats, including query plans, blocking, and deadlocks
  • Displays index management information, including index usage and fragmentation levels, so you can perform index maintenance operations
  • Simplifies your cloud migration by covering each Managed Instance with one SQL Sentry license, so as you move SQL Servers to Managed Instance, you can shift licenses accordingly

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