Republic Bank Manages Databases and Virtual Environment

SQL Sentry | V Sentry

Financial institution uses database and virtual
environment monitoring to optimize performance


Republic Bank needed to better manage data processing resources for its traditional banking transactions and its tax-based business, which generates a four-month surge in processing demand each year.


Republic Bank implemented SQL Sentry for database monitoring and V Sentry for visibility into resource utilization across the company’s VMware environment.


The Republic Bank data team used SentryOne solutions to close gaps in monitoring data and now proactively manages a data estate of 1,500 SQL Server databases across 100 servers with a four-DBA team.


“SentryOne has enabled us to prepare for seasonal spikes in processing pressure so we can publish data faster.”

— Chris Yates, Republic Bank



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Republic Bank Uses SentryOne to Monitor Databases and Virtual Environment

The data team at Republic Bank, headquartered in Louisville, KY, implemented SentryOne SQL Sentry to resolve problems with gaps in monitoring data, and subsequently added SentryOne V Sentry to help the data and infrastructure teams quickly identify and address potential performance problems in their virtual environment. Led by Chris Yates, assistant vice president and database administration manager, the team includes Senior DBAs Jeff Rouse, Josh Higginbotham, and Wendi Grant. The added visibility of V Sentry helped them better prepare for the four-month annual period when the company experiences surges in data processing: the runup to the annual tax deadline.


“With the SentryOne support for VMware host monitoring, the data team is able to see potential bottlenecks in data processing, particularly during the four months each year that we’re focused on our non-traditional, tax-based business,” says Rouse. “During that period, our systems process a lot of data—it’s a lot of pressure. With SQL Sentry and V Sentry, we can go through load testing and better prepare for the season.”


Breaking Down Barriers Between Data and Infrastructure Teams

When the Republic Bank data team first installed V Sentry, they began to see performance problems that lurked beyond the database systems. When they notified the infrastructure team, the initial reaction was puzzlement. “They’d ask us how we knew that—how were we seeing that?” says Higginbotham. The data team started sharing the information they were seeing simply through read-only access to the VMware environment.


Grant says, “Over time, it’s helped us close gaps between the two groups so that we’re much more proactive at identifying potential bottlenecks on data delivery across the company.”


Doing More with Fewer Resources

Using SentryOne has allowed Republic Bank to optimize database administration resources, says Yates. He appreciates unique capabilities such as Advisory Conditions (custom alerts based on business rules), which the data team uses to proactively manage resources. SentryOne reporting functionality helps the team quickly produce performance analysis reports for executives. In addition, Republic Bank has realized significant savings from SentryOne core-based licensing.


“From a resource perspective, SentryOne has freed up our DBA team to do other projects,” says Yates. “Good DBAs automate everything they can, and SentryOne has enabled us to significantly cut down on those day-to-day tasks.”

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