SentryOne Breaks Through Performance Ceiling with Data Monitoring Innovation

Microsoft SQL Server | Azure

Microsoft recently profiled SentryOne for successfully monitoring 800 targets per SentryOne database, making SentryOne one of the highest-performing monitoring solutions available.


SentryOne created its first monitoring solution with the "accidental DBA" in mind—the person who informally takes on the DBA role to fill the void in a rapidly growing company. The solution's superior performance accelerated growth for SentryOne, but increasing customer data volumes threatened further expansion.


The SentryOne team's answer used partitioned clustered columnstore indexes in SQL Server to increase performance and lower storage requirements. Adding In-Memory OLTP technology dramatically increased telemetry data ingestion capacity making it among the highest-performing solutions available.


SentryOne has broken through the performance ceiling with data monitoring innovation due to the team's fast innovation and the close partnership with Microsoft.


“I think Microsoft is doing a phenomenal job of creating more approachable data platforms. And we're working to reach the data pros of all skill levels who rely on those platforms.”

— Greg Gonzalez, Chief Technology Officer, SentryOne



About SentryOne

SentryOne (, empowers the Microsoft data professional to achieve breakthrough performance across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. The team shares its expertise at and


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