Software Development Team Streamlines DevOps Processes with SentryOne LegiTest

SentryOne | LegiTest

For the Software Development Engineering team at SentryOne, data testing is understandably a priority. The challenge was to find a product that could quickly and effectively meet a wide range of data validation and business logic testing needs in a DevOps environment.


The SentryOne Software Development Engineering team needed a data testing tool that could address data setup, data execution, and schema validation.


The team put SentryOne LegiTest, a test automation framework for DevOps environments, through its paces, deploying it in the SentryOne CI/CD pipeline and integrating it with existing tools and infrastructure to determine whether it could keep up with our challenging environment.


The team easily installed and integrated LegiTest and was able to use it to quickly gather extensive testing details and enabling effective, real-time debugging.


“With the amount of throughput we have daily, we are saving more than 500 hours per month over manual testing. Having that kind of reliability and confidence is pretty awesome.”

— Eric Smith, Build and Release Engineer, SentryOne