Fortified Data Keeps Complex Data Ecosystems Healthy with SentryOne

V Sentry | Plan Explorer

The Fortified Data team needed tools that could provide the necessary insight into a variety of data systems


To provide best-in-class managed services, SentryOne partner Fortified Data needed comprehensive visibility into the performance health, resource consumption, and capacity challenges of complex customer systems.


Fortified Data Founder and CEO Ben DeBow relies on SentryOne V Sentry and the free SentryOne Plan Explorer tool to provide a window into client data platforms, including VMware virtual machines (VMs).


SentryOne provides Fortified Data, and their clients, with the metrics and context needed to improve the performance, availability, and stability of both non-production and production data systems.


“By turning on SentryOne V
Sentry, we’re able to see data
that allows us to troubleshoot
and solve many issues with
misconfigured VMs, resource
contention on the hypervisor,
or more challenging things
around new configuration and
usage. We would not have
been able to easily see that
through a single tool unless
we had V Sentry.”

— Ben DeBow, Founder & CEO of Fortified Data

Fortified Data

Fortified Data ( is a full-stack IT partner focused exclusively on data. They have extensive experience with large, complex projects and deliver improved availability, increased scalability, and expanded capabilities to every client. Fortified Data delivers experienced managed services and professional consulting to design and support companies mission-critical data implementations.


About SentryOne

SentryOne (, empowers the Microsoft data professional to achieve breakthrough performance across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. The team shares its expertise at and


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