East Coast Seafood Significantly Reduces Programming Time

Task Factory

Global leader in the seafood industry implements SentryOne's recently acquired Pragmatic Works' Task Factory to significantly reduce custom programming time.


East Coast Seafood was experiencing missing and/or limited functionality in the existing transformation and connectors provided by SSIS that would require significant custom programming time to build.


East Coast Seafood implemented Task Factory Compression Task, Download File Task, Properties Task, and Advanced Email and SMS Task.


By implementing SentryOne Task Factory components, significant programming time to build custom script tasks for basic functionality and "best practices" were easily solved.


“By using the Task Factory Components, we have been able to focus on the core data flow and ETL process rather than having to custom program functionality that is lacking in the native product.”

— Christopher Seferlis, Chief Information Officer, East Coast Seafood


Established in 1981, East Coast Seafood Inc., has built an unrivaled reputation as a global leader in the seafood industry around its signature product, North American live lobster. The company is a subsidiary of East Coast Seafood Group (ECSG).

ECSG is headquartered in the greater Boston area. The ECSG companies sell live lobster, lobster products (fresh and frozen), scallops (fresh and frozen), and fin-fish throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.

East Coast Seafood combined with its affiliated companies ranks among the Top 25 North American Seafood Suppliers as published by Seafood Business.

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