European Data Consultancy Coeo Optimizes Mission-Critical Data

SQL Sentry

Analytics and data management company supporting
10K databases considers SentryOne critical to success.


Data strategy consultancy Coeo, which manages about 10,000 customer databases, needed a reliable solution for identifying and resolving database performance problems for clients with an exceptionally low tolerance for data interruption, including those in the gaming industry.


Coeo uses SentryOne SQL Sentry to significantly decrease time spent monitoring and optimizing clients’ data performance.


Using SQL Sentry, Coeo reduced time spent on resolving customer performance-related issues by 3 to 4 times, enabling them to successfully support clients for whom milliseconds of latency means lost revenue.


“SentryOne massively speeds our ability to identify and fix performance problems for our customers.”

— Karl Grambow
Head of Dedicated Support, Coeo


Coeo Ltd

Coeo Ltd. is a UK-based company that provides consulting for companies with high demands for data performance, and is Europe’s No. 1 provider of database stategy in the retail, financial services, and gaming industries.


SentryOne Is Essential to Coeo Customers’ High-Performing Data Platforms

As the No. 1 data strategy provider in Europe to the retail, financial services, and gaming industries, Coeo keeps client database environments running at peak performance by deploying SentryOne solutions from the start, says Karl Grambow, head of dedicated support for Coeo.

“When we first start work with a customer, one of the first things we’ll do is get SQL Sentry in there,” he says. “We’ll do an overall health check of their environment. That gives us a nice baseline that allows us to identify where the biggest gains can be obtained.” Coeo then uses SentryOne to continuously monitor clients’ data platforms. “SentryOne massively speeds our ability to identify and fix performance problems for our customers,” Grambow says. “Typically, it might take us a half hour to identify or solve an issue with SentryOne that would have taken us three or four hours without SentryOne.”

Using SentryOne also enables Coeo to help clients save resources on needless SQL Server licensing by identifying performance gains. For example, one client was considering upgrading from SQL Server Standard to SQL Server Enterprise to resolve problems attributed to a lack of sufficient RAM.


“We used SentryOne to look at the top SQL stored procedures, and discovered three stored procedures that contributed 95 percent of the I/O,” says Grambow. “Some simple fixes—adding an index and slightly tweaking the code—dropped the memory utilization on the box to about 40GB. Their requirement to use 64GB suddenly disappeared. That saved them about £50,000.”


SentryOne Scales to Enterprise Demands

Coeo is known for meeting the demands of gaming clients, for whom milliseconds in data latency translates to significant lost revenue. Coeo meets that demand by using SentryOne to continously monitor, diagnose, and optimize data performance.


“The gaming industry is a hugely competitive industry,” says Grambow. “Performance and availability are probably the two biggest factors for any gaming customer. It’s not unusual for a gaming customer to measure performance in milliseconds. Having SentryOne is paramount to our ability to identify where performance issues are, schedule customized alerts when there’s a big variation in performance, and fix the problem.”


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