Bloor Research Analyst Paper Discusses SentryOne Data Performance Management Capabilities


This Analyst Paper from Bloor Research discusses how the recent acquisition of the Pragmatic Works Software (PWS) products and personnel by SentryOne broadens the solution set of the combined company. 


The report highlights and explains the synergies between SentryOne’s industry-leading performance monitoring and the newly acquired PWS DevOps products.  Together they provide a suite of Data Performance Management solutions targeted at helping businesses develop, test, document, and monitor data-centric applications on the Microsoft Data Platform.


Whether you view the Pragmatic Works Software acquisition from a shift-left, DevOps, or change management perspective, there are clear synergies and no overlaps between the two product sets, resulting in a product set that is well worth considering.


“All of these tools are intended to make your life easier, in the sense that they build on and extend the capabilities provided by Microsoft in SQL Server and related environments.”

— Philip Howard
Research Director/Information Management, Bloor



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Download the Paper (PDF)