Smart Path to SQL Server on Amazon 

SentryOne provides end-to-end solutions for migrating and optimizing SQL Server workloads on Amazon RDS and EC2


Reduce the risk in shifting databases to the Amazon cloud

Moving SQL Servers from on-premises to the cloud can bring significant benefits—as well as challenges, especially during the transition.

As an AWS partner with Microsoft Workloads Competency, SentryOne can provide expert guidance as you're migrating SQL Server workloads to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (AWS EC2) or to Amazon RDS for SQL Server. 

SentryOne solutions not only pave the way for a smoother migration, but also ensure that your Amazon cloud-based workloads are optimized for peak performance. 




SentryOne helps companies migrate and optimize hybrid and cloud-based databases


Fortified Data


To provide best-in-class managed services, SentryOne partner Fortified Data needed comprehensive visibility into the performance health, resource consumption, and capacity challenges of complex hybrid and cloud-based customer systems.



Using SQL Sentry across the database environment, including Amazon RDS for SQL Server, Subway reduced the time spent collecting data and diagnosing each production performance problem from an hour to about five minutes, a 92% reduction.

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Cloud Migration Guide:
SQL Server to AWS

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AWS re:Invent 2018: Design, Deploy, and Optimize Microsoft SQL Server on AWS

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What You Need to Know About Migrating to Amazon RDS for SQL Server

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Simplify migration and optimization for Amazon workloads

SentryOne provides end-to-end migration and optimization solutions for shifting SQL Server workloads to Amazon EC2 or Amazon RDS. 



SQL Sentry

Monitor workloads before and after migration, establish performance baselines, and optimize production databases


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SQL Sentry

Monitor and optimize SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) before and after migrating to Amazon EC2

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Task Factory

Standardize and optimize SSIS components before and after migration to Amazon EC2

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SentryOne Test

Conduct unit testing of data before and after migrations with an automated framework for any ADO.NET, OLE DB, ODBC, and REST sources of data

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DBA xPress

Compare schema and databases, analyze object dependencies, and conduct disk space optimization

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SentryOne Document

Automatic database documentation and data lineage analysis in a cloud solution.

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BI xPress

Audit and monitor SSIS and SSRS, and compare on-premises and cloud-based instance configurations

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DTS xChange

Migrate DTS to SSIS before upgrading and migrating to Amazon EC2

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Optimize SQL Server performance on Amazon 

SentryOne is the most capable, scalable solution for optimizing performance of SQL Server—on-premise, in virtual environments, and in the cloud. As an Amazon Technology Partner, we've worked side by side with Amazon engineers to ensure that data professionals have the detailed information they need to proactively manage their cloud-based databases for peak performance, whether on Amazon EC2 or Amazon RDS for SQL Server. 

Amazon EC2

Proactively monitor, diagnose, and optimize SQL Server workloads on Amazon EC2 with SentryOne. 

Amazon RDS for SQL Server 

SentryOne provides the most detailed metrics for monitoring Amazon RDS for SQL Server, beyond those captured by Amazon CloudWatch. 

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Industry-leading performance management for SQL Server hosted on Amazon RDS or Amazon EC2


SentryOne leads the industry in performance metrics collected for  SQL Server workloads hosted on Amazon, giving data teams unprecedented capabilities for proactively managing performance:

  • SentryOne dashboard displays actionable metrics, including waits, backups, transactions, latency, Top SQL (completed queries as well as query and procedures stats), and more
  • Comprehensive high-impact query analysis • Animated deadlock re-enactment
  • Ability to define logic for a limitless array of automated performance tests and take action, including executing PowerShell commands
  • Even with no control over virtual hardware and OS parameters, data pros can use SentryOne as a pragmatic approach to managing performance of SQL Server workloads hosted on Amazon