POSTPONED: SentryOne has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 virus developing situation, as the health and safety of our customers, partners, and employees are our top priority. We have been consistently reviewing the guidance provided by government agencies and international organizations. SentryOne has made the decision to postpone this year's 2020 SentryOne Summit, with hopes to reschedule in late Q3 of this year. We will let you know as soon as a new event date is confirmed. Please contact your Customer Success Manager with any questions or concerns. 

Join us at the state-of-the-art SentryOne headquarters in Charlotte, NC.

April 21* - April 23


Experience two days of focused training and networking. Bolster your product knowledge base, hear from our executive team, and meet the team behind SentryOne software. Participate in product roundtables and make your voice heard. Kick off the week with a Welcome Reception and mingle with your peers.

*Join us for a Welcome Reception on the evening of April 21st. Details will be in your registration confirmation email. Sessions begin on the 22nd.

Hotel room block is at the Courtyard Charlotte Airport/Billy Graham Parkway for $119USD / night. Booking information will be shared in a confirmation email once registration and payment are received.


SentryOne Headquarters
4001B Yancey Rd., Charlotte, NC, 28217


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Presenters and Sessions

Greg Gonzalez- Small

Greg Gonzalez
Founder, CTO

Why Wait Stats Alone Are Not Enough 

Tuning SQL Server by looking at waits alone could be costing you time, money, and performance. SentryOne Founder and Chief Scientist Greg Gonzalez shares groundbreaking research showing why work time and resources transcend waits on most systems, and demonstrates how SQL Sentry effectively brings it all together to maximize the impact of your tuning efforts.

Kevin Kline- Large-2
Kevin Kline
Principal Program Manager

Performance Coaching for DBA Teams using SentryOne 

What if someone could tell you as a DBA team what you should be focusing your time on, based on well-vetted and empirically tested research? If only such a thing existed! Well, it does. In this session, you will learn important concepts to help your DBA team to operate at peak performance and focus on the activities and behaviors which provide the greatest value to your organization using SentryOne.

Patrick Kelley- Small-1
Patrick Kelley
Customer Success Engineering Manager

Commonly Overlooked Features 

SentryOne is a very deep and broad solution, and with many of its users often pressed for time to really dig in, often many useful features go missed.

John Moore - Large
Jon Moore
Senior Technical Specialist

Empower your Impact Analysis and Detail your Documentation with SentryOne Document

In this session, we will cover just how easy it is to perform interactive impact analysis and generate customized documentation in addition to comparing metadata snapshots using SentryOne Document and DOC xPress. Take the pain out of your daily operations, and streamline & crowd source your reporting and debugging!

Justin Randall- Large
Justin Randall
Senior Professional Services Consultant

It's Your Data! Querying the SentryOne Database 

SentryOne collects a plethora of data from your monitored environment and stores it all in the SentryOne database. Hardware specs, OS and SQL Server instance information, SQL Agent jobs, task scheduler tasks, database files, tables, indexes, top sql, blocking sql, deadlocks, performance metrics, and more! It's a gold mine of data that you need to analyze, report on, and integrate with other sources in ways the SentryOne client and reports don't provide.

In this session, you will learn SentryOne database design basics, methods for finding the data you need, and walk away with a foundational script library to get you started.

Jason Hall-Small
Jason Hall
Vice President of Client Services

Advisory Conditions Unleashed

Advisory conditions are one of the most powerful features SentryOne has to offer. A deep understanding of what can be done with them helps unlock immense value. This is a technical session covering creation, evaluation, automation, and internals of SentryOne Advisory Conditions.

From this session, customers will gain advanced understanding of SentryOne Advisory Conditions. Take your Advisory Condition game to the next level.

Cameron Presley
Software Development Engineer Lead

Designing Databases for Change

If you've been working with databases for any length of time, you know that at the beginning, there can be a lot of churn on the various table schema and stored procedures used to work with the data. However, making those changes aren't always so easy due to the number of applications that interact with your data that will break once the changes have been made. To help solve this problem, I'm going to introduce the idea of semantic versioning to your database, this idea of knowing what types of changes are more destructive than others. From there, I'm going to show you a couple of tips and tricks on how to make common breaking changes without disturbing applications.

Stephen Dyckes-SmallStephen Dyckes
Senior Professional Services Consultant

Optimize This!

Want the best possible performance out of your SentryOne database? Join Sr. Professional Services Consultant Stephen Dyckes as he steps through the tips and tricks you can use to tune your database and configuration settings, and help your environment achieve - and maintain - optimal performance!

Nick Harshbarger-SmallNick Harshbarger
Senior Vice President of Cloud Alliances

SentryOne has its Head in the Clouds

Join Nick Harshbarger (aka Cloud Boy), SVP of Cloud Alliances, for a brief glimpse of how SentryOne is integrating Microsoft and AWS Sales and Marketing programs to the benefit of our clients. As SentryOne’s solutions keep pace with the rapid pace of development for hybrid data estates, it is critical we stay in synch with Go To Market programs to provide a seamless and highly coordinated delivery of tools to support current and future strategies.

Paul Margiotis- Small
Paul Margiotis
Security Engineer

Compliance and Cloud Security

Data privacy and protection regulations are becoming increasingly important as legal and technological landscapes evolve. In this presentation, Security Engineer Paul Margiotis will provide an overview of the principles that these regulations champion, followed by some of the technical measures SentryOne uses to secure its cloud infrastructure, and how attendees of the Summit may benefit by implementing them, too.