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Join us at the brand-new SentryOne headquarters in Charlotte, NC.

Experience two days of focused training and networking. Bolster your product knowledge base, hear from our executive team, and meet the team behind SentryOne software. Participate in product roundtables and make your voice heard. Kick off the week with a Welcome Reception and mingle with your peers.

April 30* - May 1, 2019
* Welcome Reception on the evening of April 29th. Sessions will begin the morning of April 30th.

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$295 per person

Free for the first 100 registrants


SentryOne Headquarters
4001B Yancey Rd., Charlotte, NC, 28217


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Conference Agenda
Richard Taylor Small-1

Richard Taylor (l)

The Idea, The Plan, The Execution—Re-Engineering an On-Premises Software Product for the Cloud

Richard Taylor (l)

SentryOne has a rich and successful history with its on-premises products/solutions. As our customers began to move their data platforms to the cloud, SentryOne explored how to provide the same world-class products/solutions for the hybrid cloud and full cloud scenarios. Although our current products/solutions support on-premises, hybrid cloud, and full cloud scenarios, we think we can do better. As a result, we began the transformation to a cloud-first approach to providing products/solutions. Let's explore the idea, the plan, and the execution of this new strategy to continue to empower the Microsoft data professional.

Patrick Kelley- Small-1

Patrick Kelley (l)

Advanced Alerting with SentryOne

Patrick Kelley (l)

SentryOne offers a rich set of alerting functionality. This session will teach you how to:

  • Use intelligent alerting to get to a more proactive stance vs reactive.
  • Understand the SentryOne Alerting architecture and its capabilities.
  • Modify and adjust conditions to meet your needs.
  • Create Advisory Conditions to meet a unique requirement.
  • Data mine condition history for analytical purposes.

Stephen Dyckes- Large

Stephen Dyckes (l)

Suril Jasani-SmallSuril Jasani (b|l)

Optimize This! Getting the Most from your SentryOne Environment

Stephen Dykes (l) & Suril Jasani (b|l)

Want the best possible performance out of your SentryOne database? Join Sr. Professional Services Consultant Stephen Dyckes and Director of Client Services Suril Jasani as they step through the tips and tricks you can use to tune your database and configuration settings, and help your environment achieve—and maintainoptimal performance!

Kevin Kline- Large-1

Kevin Kline (b)

Data Mining the SentryOne Database

Kevin Kline (b)

Many SentryOne users know that there is a lot of useful data in the SentryOne database but do not know how to do any analysis with that data outside of the features of the SentryOne interfaces for the client and reports. Time to fix that by teaching you how to access and exploit the full contents of the database!

You’ll leave the session knowing vastly more about the internals of the SentryOne database as well as gaining a very useful and repeatable script library.

John Moore- Large

Jon Moore (l)

Data DevOps in SentryOne

Jon Moore (l)

In this session, we’ll cover the SentryOne Data DevOps suite of products, which can help you in building, testing, and documenting your Microsoft data-centric applications. Along with a high-level overview of all the products in our Data DevOps suite, we’ll dive into more details on DOC xPress and provide use cases based on actual customer scenarios to show how you can use DOC xPress in your environment to solve real-world problems.

Justin Randall- Large

Justin Randall (b)

Hidden Gems in SentryOne

Justin Randall (b)

The SentryOne platform is a complex, highly scalable, configurable monitoring and performance troubleshooting environment designed to collect, store, and expose a large volume of data about your Microsoft data stack. The current (and future) SentryOne client presents data via logical, easy to understand visualizations that include a rich set of options for filtering, grouping, sorting, and correlating data that enables in-depth performance analysis and troubleshooting while enhancing the user experience. But wait… there’s more (in the SentryOne database)! In this session, we will explore “hidden” features and capabilities previously known only to SentryOne masters.

Cameron_PresleyCameron Presley (l)

John Welch- LargeJohn Welch (b|l)

Evolving from Reactive to Proactive - An Introduction to SentryOne Test

Cameron Presley (l) and John Welch (b)

It's no surprise that software is eating the world, but what about all of the data that's being generated? How do you know that the data is good? How much do you actually trust it? Join Senior Engineer Lead Cameron Presley and Senior Vice President of Engineering John Welch as they step you through building confidence that your data is accurate and trustworthy.