Get Unprecedented Insights into Database Performance

New! SentryOne 11.2 delivers superior performance tuning visualization and automation

Get new monitoring, diagnosing, and optimizing capabilities in SentryOne 11.2.3, the latest breakthrough in SQL Sentry and SentryOne Platform releases.


  • Top SQL revolutionary UI gives deeper view of problem queries 
  • Statements view provides new insights into resource consumption 
  • PowerShell Condition Action provides previously unavailable options for automating PowerShell execution from within SentryOne
  • FCI Client Dashboard shows key Virtualization Metrics
  • New Advisory Conditions can now target Azure SQL Database and VMware Hosts
  • SQL Server on Linux monitoring

Check out this quick tour of SentryOne 11.2 with John Martin, Product Manager and Microsoft MVP:


Watch the full 11.2 demo here: